Monday, March 22, 2010

My Heart

Today my heart is heavy and i feel like i need to build a sling for it made out of rope, there are small cracks and chips around the edge which is a sign of pain and suffering it has received, some cracks are deep some are tiny but they show i have lived a life, tiny bits unseen to the naked eye break off all the time and sometimes i want to put an iron cage around it but i think this would make it cold.

I store special things to me away inside its shelves, sometimes i want to open it wide to show all the good things stored inside but i am worried they will be afraid of the red instead of the joy within. I am afraid of being so open to everyone so feel safer knowing it is closed, that way i can show bits of it when i want to. I need to keep it safe and treat it well so cracks do not appear often, I nurture it with loving thoughts and actions.

If it were to break open all the good would come out and the bad would scurry in, some cracks have come close but in time they have healed.

Family have the greatest storage area, it radiates and pumps my heart with strength and love and courage and joy and fulfilment and happiness. Hurt, pain and anger are locked away in a steel box with padlocks and chains.

Today it is heavy, but it aches for people known and unknown, strange that, that it has the power to feel for things outside its control but that shows its compassion, I am hoping tomorrow it will feel lighter and joy will enter once again, it will feel smooth to the touch and glisten with love.....

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words........unknown

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