Monday, October 17, 2011

Spoilt for a time

It was a sad day indeed when news reached us that the ship called the Rena.... shown above had run aground on a reef out from our beautiful beach at the mount.........great big globs of oil where spilling onto our beach, killing our wildlife and our sealife........hard to believe that it could happen here......we have watched with sadness each day seeing it spread further without anyone rushing to do anything or so it seemed to all of us who watched anxiously and who though willing to go the beaches ourselves to help were told we were not allowed.......but come they did from near and far wanting to help because that is what we nzers do.......this beautiful beach line could not be tainted by this oil, too many of us have so many wonderful memories of times spent here....and with our summer around the corner we wanted to be able to again enjoy this very beach.....the clean up has started, the oil starting to be pumped from the helpless ship which has large cracks in the side......yes some containers have slipped into the water and ended up on the beach again spilling its mess......we are all holding our breath hoping that this will soon end..