Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Old Church

The Old Church in the Hawkes Bay has been converted into an amazing restaurant that i have been to a couple of times and the food is just as good as the setting. The menu is printed on vellum with a great selection of food to tempt you...

You enter into the grounds down a long tree lined driveway i imagine that these trees are many years old they are very stately and very beautiful.

The entrance to the church just to the left of the picture you can see an old house which i believe was where the priests or brothers i think they were know as has now been converted into a very upmarket B&B

The wonderful old door at the entrance..... i am sure many people have stepped through this door both in its life as a church and as a restaurant.

What greets you once you step is very elegant with lots of gilded gold, beautiful ornate mirrors and a cabinet which tells the history of the church...

There are tables and chairs of different sizes and proportions......sitting at these large backed chairs is a feeling i imagine a bit like Alice in Wonderland when she fell through the rabbit hole and arrived in this strange new world!

In the centre is the most amazing chandelier i have ever seen in my life, its size is so enormous and i am sure they would have had some sort of crane just to lift it into place... standing underneath it and looking up through it is breathtaking!

Another view showing the interior you will see if you look closely that not only are there high backed chairs but also red velvet ones as well..... personally i like the high backed one because they give you a sense of wonderment....

Another view of that glorious chandelier... it is hard to see just how enormous it really is... anyone visiting the Hawkes Bay should take the time to go to this restaurant.... as well as dining inside there is also a conservatory, which you will be able to see off to the side in the first photo and on summer days an outside area with table chairs and umbrellas......your visit if you will excuse the pun will be heavenly!!!

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