Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Land of The Long White Cloud

The cloud were amazing as we travelled back from our favourite place the mount at easter weekend......big thick fluffy clouds that looked like huge balls of cotton wool were everywhere it almost felt like you could reach out and touch them.......
One of my favourite pastimes as a child was laying back in the long cool green grass gazing up at clouds and looking for pictures in them.....often you would see faces and shapes, sometimes they would sweep past you and other times they just sat there......i often wonder if i was on top of the clouds and jumped in would i sink to the bottom or spring to the top....
New Zealand is known as The Land of The Long White cloud and on this day i could see why......there was many of those white clouds amongst the blue of the sky and even some dark ones forming in there too.....aren;t the shapes fascinating.....take time out oneday and lay in the grass and gaze up and see what you can find.....

Above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don;t believe in magic will never find it.....(unknown)


  1. Hi Wendy!
    Thank you so much for replying and I loved you commet.
    About the place, still a mystery, since Nick hasn't got a job yet there, but I believe we are staying around Auckland, Bay of Plenty...
    It's hard to say. But we got our Residency 1 1/2 month ago. Receiveing your comment makes me feel welcome already!
    He's off from University here in two weeks, so he'll focus on looking for a job. We applied as Skill imigrant and we are looking forward to go, and the kids too!!!!
    We want a life outdoors, simple, where I can work on my furniture, maybe opening a little store. I'm looking forward to this. But my intuition says we are going soon...
    I hope by the end of the summer here. Then we have time to sell the house and pack what we want.
    Where are you in NZ Wendy?
    I do have a few questions about schools, things like that. Can you help me with that?
    I'll send you and email.
    How lovely I found you and I'm sure we'll meet in person!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ps: I have a friend who lives in Katikati, near Waihi Beach. I always talk to her from Skype and it's gorgeous there...
    Talk to you soon,
    Love, Li :-)

  2. Hi Wendy! At last, another kiwi blogger. I grew up in Tauranga and really miss the place. I'm so glad Li has found someone to make contact with when she moves to NZ.
    Looking forward to following your blog:o)