Monday, December 6, 2010

keeping Christmas simple

It has been interesting to note that alot of you are keeping this christmas decorating to something simple and sometimes less is more......i wonder if its because life at this time of year gets so busy that we want some control and peace in our own homes and this simplicity at this overwhelming time of year is what does it for us..

What are the values regarding the christmas season.......Peace, sharing, giving, relaxation, parties, beautiful gifts given and received and a warm and welcoming home.......

Christmas is the season of ........ some of us will be marking the birth of Jesus, some will be giving thanks for the true gifts of Christmas as beautifully told in the Christmas Story.......

Unconditional love, selflessness, trust, faith, forgiveness, wholeness, second chances, comfort, joy, peace, reassurance, rejoicing, generosity, compassion, charity, wonder, acceptance and courage.
Lets experience Christmas not as a deadline but as a season , one of friendship, family, gratitude and giving, reflecting and learning, celebrating and rejoicing, slowing down and mostly LOVE.......

Wherever you are in the world I wish you a season of surprises that will delight you, laughter that is shared, happiness that grows and memories to keep..........

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  1. GOod evening dear blogger! Or in your part of the world, good morning?

    THANK YOU for visiting me today and entering my give away! I love that quote you left and what an image I get that we are like a snowflake; delicate really, individual, no two are alike and making the most of NOW. Absolutely.


    I see you like altered books. I make my own but as a busy public school French teacher, I do not have a business or a schedule of creating my books, but I love it so.

    I agree about keeping the holidays simple. It is wonderful time to enjoy the NOW!

    Many happy wishes for a splendid week, Anita