Monday, May 24, 2010

The Hamilton Gardens

From long hedged walk ways you reach the centre and come across these 'guards' off this area is different gardens including the English garden, the Amercian garden and the Japanese garden......all spectacular.......

Below is the rose garden a beautiful open space filled with beds of all kinds of summer the aroma is the distance is the gazebo and it is under this that my daughter got married with the guests all standing on the lawn below........all her wedding photos were taken around the different areas of the gardens that they chose you can imagine the backdrops in the wedding photos are striking.

Below was where the reception was held overlooking a beautiful pond and out to trees beyond..... this is the restaurant and beside it is a cafe.......these are open to the public each day.......

The behind is the walkway and the opening where she came through to her future husband, their guests were all standing below the steps out front......a truly beautiful spot to get married.....

There are two entrances into the gardens and the feature at one is this beautiful cloth hanging......all made out of is an amazing piece and i would say very well photographed by many....

.......there is also a pond with ducks......amazing open areas of lovely and is well worth a visit to these beautiful gardens you could easily spend a day .... take a picnic to have in grounds of your choice..... and if you are wanting more information check out this website.....


  1. ohhhhh the memories!!!!! xxxx

  2. Hi Wendy
    I've just come here via Lesley's blog.
    Lovely photos of the gardens and I can see you've got a photographers eye.

    My blog is very new too, since April. Please pop in for a visit and I'll make you very welcome.

    It's a commitment to 'post' often and it's hard as there are so many things that keep getting in the way, but eventually I hope I'll be more disciplined!

    I'll be back to read through your older posts!

  3. We used to live close by the Hamiltons Gardens and walked up there to swim in the Waikato on hot evening. I love those gardens too! Thanks for the memories.